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    White Spotting

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    Rotten Egg Odor

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    Red/Brown Stains

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Mahoning Water Valley water did an excellent job installing our water softener. Their communication was great and the pricing was very fair. I have recommended Mahoning Valley Water to others.

Brandon Mango

Hanoverton, Ohio

Mahoning Valley Water came to our home, tested our well water and told us exactly what we needed to improve the quality, with no pressure or sales gimmicks. We’ve had the equipment for one year and our water tastes great, with no smells or staining.

Jack Ausnehmer

New Springfield, Ohio

We purchased a sulfur removal system, water softener and reverse osmosis from Mahoning Valley Water. They were prompt, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Our water is fantastic now.

Joe Dragovich

North Jackson, Ohio

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