Only the highest-quality, cost-effective products are stocked on our shelves to help treat the water issues specific to your home.

Water Softener Salt

We carry only 99%+ pure Pro’s Pick Duracube Salt. Available in both Regular and Red Out, as well as Diamond Crystal’s Solar Naturals extra-coarse salt. In the winter months we also carry driveway salt.

Salt Sale! North Lima: Last Saturday of each month. North Jackson: First Saturday of each month.

Chemicals and Cleaners

We carry chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and many other chemicals to aid in keeping your water clear and your appliances clean and stain-free.


We offer a large variety of replacement filters for whole-house (point-of-entry), reverse osmosis (point-of-use) and other point-of-use filter applications.

Replacement Parts

Keeping your water treatment and filter systems functioning and intact is important to us. We have replacement parts on our shelves and in our vehicles to keep you up and running with the least amount of hassle.


We offer both bottle and bottleless coolers in room and cold or hot and cold models. We offer all of these systems for either purchase or to rent. All bottle coolers offer the “Water Safe, No Spill” option. All of the bottleless coolers are offered with a Vesta Reverse Osmosis system.


Bottled Water

Mahoning Valley Water’s bottled water is natural spring water that is purified with reverse osmosis to provide your family with the purest, best-tasting water available. Pickup and delivery services are available. We have 20-oz. sport cap bottles along with 1-gal., 3-gal. and 5-gal. bottles available.

Service and Repairs

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